Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sales Clearance

Glamour Ribboned Blouse

Smaller UK 6 - Smaller UK 8
Available in Black & White
RM 25

Elegant Eyelet Tube Dress

Smaller UK 6 - Smaller UK 8
Available in white only
Rm 30

Floral Chiffon

Fit UK size 6 -UK size 10
Colours: Blue, Yellow, Pink[Reserved]
RM 30

Sporty Hoodie[Last Piece in White]

Colours: Last Piece in White
RM 29

My Sassy Tank Top

This top is stretchable and would hug your body nicely, portraying the curvy shape of your body. We just love the simplicity in it yet it looks so sexy and alluring.
Material: Cotton
Fit Size UK6 to Size UK 10
Light Purple & Brown
RM 18

Roman Long Basic Tank

Fit Size UK6 to Size UK10
Colours: Last Piece in White

Comfy Colour Shorts


Blue: Last Piece in small size


Retro Mini Dress
Size: M (Blue-White)

S & M (Blue-Black)


Colourful Mini Skirts

Available in: Blue & Yellow
Size: S, M & L
RM 30
Blue M(available), L(available)
Yellow L(available)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey babes, finally we're done with our exams! Sorry for the delays... Here are something pretty and lovely for all of you!

Sexy Collar

Available in: Yellow(Sold Out), Blue, White(Sold Out), Black
Fits UK Size 6 to UK Size 10
Material: Quality Cotton


Pleated Elegance

Size: S & M
Available in: Blue & Black
Material: Quality Cotton


Basic cardigan

Fits UK Size 4 to smaller UK Size 10
Available in: Black(Reserved), White, Electric Blue(Sold Out), Teal
Material: Quality Cotton
RM 39


Hearty Pleated Skirt

Available in: White(Sold Out), Red & Blue
Size S: Length 19.5cm, Waist 37cm
Size M: Length 20.5cm, Waist 38 cm

RM 32
White- S(Sold Out), M(Sold Out)
Blue- S(Available), M(Sold Out)
Red- S(Sold Out), M(Available)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


So sorry babes, we wont be updating as our exams are coming soon :( but we would be updating again after our exams ;)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Love

Check our first summer wear! This is so summer feel. The inner wear is a striped halter match to perfection with a mini blouse. And to you girls who will be going to the summer splash in Sunway Lagoon, you can also wear the outer layer matching it with a bikini. Both pieces can be worn separately as well. We're so in love with this piece!

Fits UK Size6 - UK Size8

Available in: Yellow, Blue[Sold Out], Pink, Green


Striped Halter Dress

Fits UK Size 4-UK Size 8

Available in: Red-Black , Yellow-Grey, Blue-White(Sold Out)

Basic Button Tee

Fits UK Size 6-smaller UK Size 10

Material: Quality Cotton

Available in: Blue[Sold Out],Yellow[Sold Out], Black[Reserved], Pink [Sold Out]
RM 33
*Lacey Spaghetti is not included in the purchase

Boyfriend Dressing

This is another piece similar to the basic bf which was in the previous post. Since the basic bf is not restockable and now we this piece which is quite similar to it but short sleeve ;)

Free Size

Available in: Black[last piece], Blue[Sold Out], Pink

RM 39